Town is tip-top in recycling figures

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THAME has one of the highest recycling rates in the country.

THAME has one of the highest recycling rates in the country.

Residents in the town are recycling an average of 70 per cent of their household waste, Oxfordshire Waste Partnership confirmed this week.

This means that Thame has not only one of the highest rates in the county but nationally as well.

The average UK recycling rate stands at 40 per cent with Oxfordshire averaging 53 per cent.

Wayne Lewis from Oxfordshire Waste Partnership said: “These are excellent achievements, not only are we recycling so much in Oxfordshire, we’re performing well above the average.

“The public have really embraced their new recycling schemes over the past two years helping to put Oxfordshire on the recycling map.”

New food waste recycling plants recently built in the county have helped make these advancements possible.

All food and garden waste is processed within Oxfordshire, with the new anaerobic digestion facility in Cassington feeding green electricity into the national grid.

All Oxfordshire districts have recently implemented an updated kerbside recycling scheme meaning all houses across the county are now able to recycle their food waste in addition to their regular recycling.

Councillor David Harvey, cabinet member for the environment, said: “Despite our new schemes being a success we’re still looking to build on them so people have even less in their non-recyclable bin.

“Recycling makes sense financially as well as environmentally.

“By taking more rubbish out of landfill and giving it another life we’re saving the council tax payer money which is so important in these difficult times.”