Town council makes its feelings clear on parking

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Thame Town Council is to join neighbouring towns in lobbying the district council over parking enforcement.

The town council claims that since Thame lost its traffic warden, parking issues are having a detrimental impact on the town’s economy.

Market traders have also raised concerns to the council particularly with regards problems on Tuesdays.

The introduction of new laws in 2008 which saw on-street parking ‘decriminalised’ coupled with the retirement of Thame’s traffic warden, Peggy Long, on-street parking on double yellow lines throughout Thame has been abused.

Some local authorities such as Oxford City, put the responsibility of parking enforcement in the hands of private companies but South Oxfordshire District Council did not ‘take up the baton’ in Thame, Didcot or Henley after decriminalisation and it therefore became the responsibility of the police.

Councillors agreed that a letter would be sent to SODC explaining the concerns about parking issues in the town, and pushing for the introduction of Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) in Thame.