Tory ‘disappointment’ over Lidington’s no show at HS2 vote

David Lidington MP
David Lidington MP

David Lidington’s Conservative association chairman say he is ‘disappointed’ that the MP did not vote on HS2.

Steve Bowles, who also represents Wendover on Aylesbury Vale District Council, said that many of his constituents were looking to Mr Lidington to support their views with a ‘no’ vote.

MPs voted in the HS2 proposals with a majority of 401 on Monday, but Mr Lidington would have been forced to resign from his role as Minister For Europe, which requires him to vote with the government.

Mr Bowles said: “David Lidington is an excellent MP for this constituency, but as councillors from Wendover and Halton both Peter Strachan and I are disappointed that he did not vote against this bill which establishes the principle of HS2, as the vast majority of his constituents in Wendover, Halton, Stoke Mandeville and Aylesbury would have wished.

“I have conveyed this to David Lidington who assures me that if a fully bored tunnel and other mitigation measures are not forthcoming he will resign before the third reading of the bill.”