Tornado sweeps across the Vale

The tornado as seen in Haddenham
The tornado as seen in Haddenham

It is a sight more common in America but several people reported sightings of a tornado making its way across the Valethis week.

Arjan van Gelderen, a business process analyst for Haddenham based company McCormick admitted he was stunned when he saw the wind funnel when he was on Pegasus Way.

Mr Gelderen who is in the UK on a week long business trip from the Netherlands said: “I kept thinking I’m in the UK, they don’t happen in the UK.

“It looked like it was on top of the office or just a little behind it from the position I was in.

“It was a very good place to be when I took the photo.

“It looked like it was moving from Haddenham towards the airfields and then towards Aylesbury.

“I think everyone in the office is a bit bored with me talking about it now,” Mr Gelderen joked.

No sooner had Mr Gelderen reported his sighting at 11am than Vince Coombes of Griffin Lane reported seeingthe tornado from his home in Aylesbury.

“I’m interested to know whether it may have touched down because it could cause a bit of minor damage.

“If it did touch down it could be like looking for a needle in a haystack though.”

An avid follower of the skies for 37 years, Mr Coombes confessed it was the first time he had seen anything like it.

“I was very surprised. I just happened to look up and there it was in front of me.

“It made my morning to see it.

“It was quite a shock. You usually only see them around the coast.”

Despite his love for metrology Mr Coombes claimed he could not go off chasing storms in America because of his kids.

“I think I would have my mrs tapping me on the shoulder reminding me of me responsiblites,” he laughed.

“Still you never know.”