Together forever elderly cats discovered on a farm make an appeal from Lewknor rehoming centre

Enid wearing a t-shirt after dematt
Enid wearing a t-shirt after dematt

Two elderly stray cats who charity workers believe have lived together for a lifetime are looking for a new home where they will never be parted.

Twelve-year-old moggies Enid and Arthur were found living together on a farm. Both cats’ coats were thick and heavy with matts, which covered their severely underweight bodies.

Arthur after dematt

Arthur after dematt

Hannah Owen, animal welfare assistant at Blue Cross Lewknor rehoming centre, said: “Enid and Arthur were both in a terrible state when we first met them. Their matted fur must have been really painful.

“Their paws were also stained and they were extremely underweight, having had to fend for themselves for quite some time.

“They are such sweet cats and get on so well together that they act like a husband and wife who have been married for decades. Everyone here at Blue Cross Lewknor has really taken to them and we’re desperately hoping to find them the perfect home together. We couldn’t bear to separate them.

“We’ve given Enid a T-shirt to wear to keep her warm while her fur grows back.”

Enid and Arthur were very thin when they arrived in Blue Cross care and the team has been making sure they are well on their way to a healthy weight. They both needed dental treatment and even had to have teeth removed. Much of their fur was too tangled in matts to be combed out so it had to be shaved, leaving them both with a less than glamorous haircut for the time being.

Hannah added: “We really hope Enid and Arthur’s threadbare appearance isn’t putting people off giving this lovely a pair the happy and loving retirement home they deserve. Their fur will grow back in time and they will make wonderful pets.

“Arthur may be around 12 years old, but he believes he is at least a decade younger. He loves exploring the cattery at our rehoming centre in Oxfordshire, and he is not shy about letting you know when he wants a fuss. Enid is more reserved and likes to nap in her favourite spot, but she too enjoys a fuss and will let you know she is enjoying it with her noisy purr.”

Enid and Arthur would love to hear from anyone who could offer them a home together where they can enjoy a snooze inside and also a potter around outside. They would be happy to live with children and dogs, pending a successful meeting first.

Find out more about this adorable pair and apply to give them a home on the Blue Cross website at