Tiny scene honours 100th anniversary of Great War

The miniature World War One dug out created by Celia Thomas and Robin Britton
The miniature World War One dug out created by Celia Thomas and Robin Britton

A moving minature model of a First World War trench is now on display after 
appearing as part of a 
specialist magazine.

Celia Thomas and Robin Britton, who have worked in partnership for 10 years, were asked to create the poignant dug-out scene as part of a step-by-step ‘how to make’ feature in the DollsHouse and Miniature Scene magazine.

Now the tiny model of a World War One dug out – complete with soldier’s belongings – and a poppy field above is on display at the Thame Museum’s Commemorating World War 1 exhibition until August 20.

The free event coincides with this year’s 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War in 1914, and displays exhibits including family photos, letters and items from that time period.

Celia, of Willow Road, Thame, runs her business KT Miniatures from her family home in the converted attic space.

The mother-of-three said: “It’s a very emotive subject so we had to think really carefully about how we were going to approach it. We had a think and came up with this.”

Over an estimated 40 painstaking hours spread over several weeks, Celia and Robin used everyday household items to make the scene, such as bubble wrap, brown paper and lollipop sticks.

Robin, of Windmill Road, Thame, owns and runs Coombe Crafts and produced more than 100 poppies for the scene using paper and wire.

She and Celia often run Nostalgia in Miniature workshops to share their love of all things small.

Once the exhibition comes to an end in August, the scene will become available to buy and 50% of the profit will go to the Royal British Legion.

For more, visit www.
thamemuseum.org or www.miniatureworkshops.com.