Time to respect the history of Thame events!

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I’m writing in response to the letter written about Thame Fair complaining about the inconvience and sound levels!

Thame Fair has been in Thme longer thani have lived and my family have been in Thame for the last 5/6 Generations. My Grandparents have lived in a street literally next to the fair for the last 47 years and it has NEVER been a problem for the couple of days its been there. Yes the rides and music have changed over the years but thats the way things are so GET OVER IT!

Its already a shame that Thame Show is now cancelled during that week too as that is also apart of the towns history, Locals will always remember the 1 Thursday in September when the fair arrives and Thame Show, schools always had the day off and friends and families would all meet eachother at the show or the fair.

People that move into Thame and the surrounding areas have to RESPECT the history and traditions that the town has and not try to change or move everything that has worked for many years and that have helped to make the town great. The ‘community’ has already suffered as many have had to leave the town due to the rise in house prices over the years so if you are born and bred in Thame you are lucky if you can afford to stay living there, lets not take away one of the things that brings the families back together again for at least a few days a year!

If you feel the need to move out of Thame for those few days then thats you perogative but the fair should stay where it is for years to come so that my children also get to be apart of the history i belong too.

Zoe Varney

originally Thame