Tiddington man raises £11,000 in true David Blaine style

Tim Matthews suspended in a box
Tim Matthews suspended in a box

A man who spent 35 hours in a suspended box over the weekend has raised around £11,000 for charity.

Wickes services director Tim Matthews, 48, of Tiddington, spent Saturday and Sunday suspended 25ft above the Aylesbury Retail Park in a bid to raise money for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research ‘without having to train’ – having already completed the London Marathon twice for the charity.

Inspired by world famous illusionist David Blaine, 6ft tall Mr Matthews climbed into the 4ft-wide acrylic box at 7am on Saturday, fuelled by a selection of McDonald’s breakfast items and Imodium.

It was the start of what he expected to be 35 ‘unbearable’ hours.

“It was quite a challenge, but nowhere near as bad as I expected,” said Mr Matthews, who took only a bottle of water and three bottles of Lucozade into the box.

“Overnight in an Aylesbury car park was interesting though. I got woken up three times: once at 2.15am by a friendly group of drunks who donated some money and 4.15am when the town kicked out.

“The support I got from people was fantastic. I took to advising people on what they may have forgotten with their purchases and welcoming builders by the names on their vans.”

To donate visit www.justgiving.co.uk/tim-matthews0