Thug who threatened to kill police is locked up

Przemyslaw Pawel Lazar
Przemyslaw Pawel Lazar

A drunk thug who set his dog on two police officers and threatened to kill two others in separate attacks has been jailed for six months.

Przemyslaw Lazar, of Aylesbury, wound up his Rhodesian Ridgeback dog so it would attack officers near his Hampden Gardens home in February, with two constables bitten.

Lazar, 30, was also arrested after becoming aggressive towards officers outside Morrisons in Station Way in July. In that incident he pushed a Boxer dog towards the officers, threatened to kill them and spat at one.

Lazar, who has been banned from keeping dogs, was also sentenced for punching a man and trying to hit another in Kingsbury in August.

The defendant was drunk during all of the incidents, High Wycombe Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday.

Following the sentencing, Lazar became angry when the decision was explained.

He said: “You want to put me in prison? For what?

“What have I done? I go to prison because of what my dog did? I’m not going anywhere.”

As Lazar continued to protest, the public and officials were cleared from the court and the defendant was taken into custody.

Inspector Kelly Glister described the attacks as ‘frightening’ for officers and on-lookers and said she hoped the sentence would help deter future incidents.

Police were called to Hampden Gardens in February after receiving a call from a woman saying her partner was drunk.

When officers arrived, Lazar answered the door with his Rhodesian Ridgeback and was described as being ‘aggressive’ and ‘irate’.

Police were eventually able to get his partner into a car, but Lazar then approached the vehicle and forced the dog against the window.

The officers drove away and called for back-up, with the woman telling them her young child was still in the flat.

When the back-up arrived, Lazar stood in the road with his dog and told officers he would ‘fight them all’ and wound the dog up, holding it on a lead in a ‘threatening’ way.

In a struggle with police that followed, two officers were bitten, one on the head and the other on the arm, before Lazar was arrested.

The incident at Morrisons occurred when two officers visited the store and saw Lazar shouting at a security guard.

After they tried to get him to leave he became aggressive, clenching his fists, puffing out his chest and swearing at them.

He also twice pushed a Boxer dog towards the officers but it did not attack.

As police attempted to arrest Lazar he said he would kill them, telling one: “I will slit your throat.”

Prosecutor Andy Callander said: “It’s this defendant who’s posing a risk to the public through ownership of dog, not necessarily the two dogs in question.”

Defending, Neil Jarvis said Lazar wants to change and asked the court to ‘give him the opportunity to show that he can do some good’.

Inspector Glister said: “It is never acceptable to be abusive or aggressive towards another person.

“We take great pride in all that we do and do our very best to serve and protect the public to the best of our ability.”

Lazar was also ordered to pay £300 compensation to officers and £100 for criminal damage he caused.

The dogs are in kennels and will be re-homed.