‘Throw away society’ causing a right mess

Janet Cope with fly tipped rubbish in a gateway along Marsh Lane
Janet Cope with fly tipped rubbish in a gateway along Marsh Lane
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A fly tipping hot spot has been tidied up after The Bucks Herald pressured the county council into sorting the area.

Janet Cope, 71, said Marsh Lane which connects Bishopstone, where she lives, and Stoke Mandeville is constantly full of rubbish and said there was so many items there it could be used as a ‘little hotel’.

As part of the Herald’s grot spot campaign Mrs Cope, voted Aylesbury Vale District Council’s litter picker of the year in 2011, raised the issue of the messy road.

She said prior to it being tidied: “The last week or so has been absolutely horrendous.

“There’s been three mattresses down there this week and a television set.

“You could set up a little hotel there. I don’t like laziness and that’s basically what it is.

“We live in a throw away society. It’s destructive to the environment just like chewing gum on the pavements.”

But the county council were quick to act and after receiving reports of the fly tipping they cleared it up within 48 hours.

A Bucks County Council spokesman said: “It is totally unacceptable to dump rubbish and it is, in our view, a serious crime.

“Not only is it visually offensive but it’s also very costly to clear it up.

“Our detection rate is over ten times better than the English national average.

“One fly-tipper is convicted every week on average in Bucks and we have secured a total of 356 convictions and a 63% reduction in illegal dumping since we began our enforcement campaign in 2003.

“This has led to a net saving for local council tax payers of over £1,000,000 over ten years, even after taking into account all of the associated investigation, legal, clean-up and disposal costs.”

Mrs Cope said she was still worried about people continuing to dump waste there.

To report illegally dumped waste call 0845 330 1856 or online at www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/waste/illegal_dumping.page