Thousands of chub released in River Thame restocking scheme

Chub released in River Thame
Chub released in River Thame

Those looking to a green future for Thame should not forget the ‘green corridor’ - the River Thame which flows through the outskirts of the town.

The River Thame has had its problems with pollution for many years but the revival of the river as a good coarse fishery has begun.

The revival project has been dramatically enhanced with the addition of 40,000 one and two-year-old chub to the river. The fish were supplied by the Environment Agency fish farm near Nottingham and marks the second round of restocking in 2018 – the first round being carried out in April.

These fish added to the earlier stocking means that 48,000 fish have been added to the river during 2018 and marks the first year of a five-year plan to restock similar numbers of fish into the river each year for the next five years.

The fish were split into four batches with 10,000 fish being stocked to reaches of the river in Thame, Cuddesdon, Wheatley and Cuddington. This should mean that the whole of the river benefits from this large injection of fresh life to the river. Whilst these fish are relatively small – being 80-100mm long - they will grow on and reach a good size in the next couple of years.

Dave Wales, secretary of the Thame Valley Fisheries Preservation Consultative (TVFPC), said: “The injection of such a large number of fish into the river represents the best chance that the River Thame has had to recover to a good coarse fishery, in over 30 years.

“Whilst I have seen the fish stocks decimated several times by pollution, I am more optimistic now than I have ever been that the fisheries on the River Thame can be revived. Our thanks go to the Environment Agency and their Fisheries Team as the fish are funded by rod licence revenue.”