Thought you were safe from HS2 disruption? Think again

The route HS2 construction traffic will take is in purple
The route HS2 construction traffic will take is in purple

HS2 construction lorries will rumble through the centre of Aylesbury, Princes Risborough and Wing, new maps have revealed.

The documents, published by the Campaign to Protect Rural England, show town and village residents that may previously have thought they would be unaffected by HS2 will have to put up with the daily noise and disruption caused by the £43bn line’s construction.

Trucks will go in and out of Aylesbury along the A418 to the north and south of the town, through Bierton, Wing and Stone, as well as near Dinton and Haddenham. They will also use some of the main routes through Aylesbury, including Elmhurst Road and Gatehouse Road.

Princes Risborough will be heavily hit, with traffic passing through its centre from three different directions, and Thame will also be affected, with lorries passing along the edge of the town.

The Campaign to Protect Rural England said it is using the maps to highlight the need to work harder to minimise damage to the most unspoilt parts of the countryside.

Ralph Smyth, the charity’s senior transport campaigner, said: “Current noise and compensation laws focus just on the impact to people’s homes.

“While this is very important it means less attention is given to reducing the impact of new infrastructure on more sparsely populated areas of our countryside.

“Tranquil areas are important to people and nature. We need to defend them.

“CPRE’s new HS2 maps show how HS2 could intrude on peaceful parts of countryside.”

A spokesman for the government-owned company behind the project, HS2 Ltd said: “We have considered all construction access routes as part of the development of the draft environmental statement on which we consulted earlier this year.

“The consultation was open to all members of the public to respond and express potential concerns or suggest alternatives.

“We have sought to provide construction access with minimal disruption and will continue to work with local communities to take on board their views.

“In developing the subsequent formal environmental statement we will be considering how we can further reduce any adverse impacts.”

You can view all the maps on the Campaign to Protect Rural England website.