This week it’s ‘madness’ with all the acts coming to the Waterside

The Moscow State Circus is coming to Aylesbury
The Moscow State Circus is coming to Aylesbury

MADNESS frontman Suggs is one of the highlights in an action-packed programme at the Waterside this week, along with the Moscow State Circus.

Other performers include Vale-based Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole.

suggs self

suggs self

On Friday tribute act Rumours Of Fleetwood Mac head to Aylesbury.

The group have performed on-stage with Mick Fleetwood and even toured with the original band.

Rumours’ drummer Allan Cosgrove says: “The show was never planned, it was nearly 13 years ago and we were in a studio recording session for a TV advert for root beer.

“We had to sound like the 80s band Heart, but when we played it back it sounded like Fleetwood Mac.

“So on the back of it, I said if we sound like Fleetwood Mac we should take it out on the road.”

On Saturday Suggs, or Graham McPherson, brings his new one-man Madness touring-show to the venue.

During the show the 51 year old will tell stories from his 30-year career and play the occasional song with accompaniment from his loyal pianist.

Suggs had the idea for the show soon after his kids left home, while lying in the bath following the death of his cat.

He said: “I began to consider my own mortality, and out of that the idea for exploring my own past somehow crystallised.

“I toyed with calling it a mad-life crisis.

“In the end, having gone all round the houses, I’ve called it My Life Story which won’t win any prizes for originality – but it does at least tell you what you can expect, the good bits and the darker moments.’ Strictly Come Dancing star Brendan Cole takes over the venue on Sunday with glittering costumes, a 14-piece band and his brother Scott– who is one of the dancers.

Cole’s Live And Unjudged show features a wide variety of dancing styles.

One of the highlights will be when he hosts an audience question and answer session with his brother.

From Monday to Wednesday the Moscow State Circus brings its new show to the Waterside, based on the legend of the 12 chairs.

Set in Soviet Russia in 1927, it follows an attempt to unearth jewellery which was hidden from the Bolsheviks.

The show features a performance on a revolving aerial chandelier, juggling, trampolining, roller-skating and acrobatics.

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