‘This is the time I have been waiting for and thank God it has come’: Royal Bucks owner FINALLY ready to pay up

Royal Bucks Hospital
Royal Bucks Hospital

The owner of the Royal Bucks Hospital, Aylesbury, has said its sale is in the process of going through and staff will finally be paid by tomorrow (Friday) morning at the latest.

Dr James Clarke has refused to speak publicly since the hospital announced it was winding down in August with staff thought to be owed £350,000.

But the owner of the Grade II listed building has finally spoken to The Bucks Herald and said the sale is now underway and will be concluded today or tomorrow morning.

He said: “Everybody but everybody will be given their dues as soon as the money hits the bank. Already my PA has got the money figured as to who is owed what.

“This is the time I have been waiting for and thank God it has come. With all the heartache that everybody has suffered it’s a relief.”

Dr Clarke said if the sale goes through before 3.30pm today (Thursday) then staff can be expected to be paid tonight. But if not they will be paid by tomorrow.

The sale and payment of staff looks set to bring an end to a saga which has seen protests, potential tribunals and the lobbying of MPs.

Staff have been forced to rely on food bank donations since being made redundant and not receiving their salaries.