‘This is one dream I can complete’: New barbers shop in Waddesdon opens as fitting tribute to Hayley Hewitt

Jack Ewing outside the new Hewitt's barbers shop in Waddesdon. Picture by Michelle Tebbutt.
Jack Ewing outside the new Hewitt's barbers shop in Waddesdon. Picture by Michelle Tebbutt.

The manager of Hewitt’s barbers has thanked customers for their support following the opening of a new shop, which he says is a fitting legacy to former villager and hairdresser Hayley Hewitt.

The opening of the new shop in Waddesdon comes just a couple of months after the Haddenham shop celebrated ten years in business.

This shop was founded by hairdresser Hayley Hewitt, who died in a car accident last year.

Her boyfriend for nearly 15 years Jack Ewing took over the management of the Haddenham shop after her passing.

He has now opened a second shop in Waddesdon, which has added poignancy as it was where the couple lived.

Mr Ewing said: “Hayley always wanted to open in Waddesdon because it didn’t have a hairdressers.

“There weren’t any free shops at the time so when an opportunity to open one in Haddenham came up she took it.

“Her hope was that we would have two shops and manage one each.”

Mr Ewing is an extremely talented hairdresser in his own right, having won hairdressing awards in his native Scotland.

He said: “I had hoped to be able to open this shop in Waddesdon around the time of the tenth anniversary of the Haddenham shop but it wasn’t possible.

“The key with the new shop is getting people to come and try it out.

“Some of the visitors we have already had say it is a godsend to have it in Waddesdon.”

Mr Ewing is currently the only person working at the Waddesdon shop, but says he hopes to employ some more staff at the barbers in the High Street.

He added: “This is the start of creating a Hewitt’s barbers brand.

“There are some dreams of Hayley’s that I won’t be able to fulfil - but this is one that I can complete.

“We were accepted into the community very quickly when we started up in Haddenham and I have had some wonderful support there as well and I’m very grateful for that.”

Hewitt’s barbers in Waddesdon is open normal shop hours from Monday to Friday and from 8am to 3pm on Saturdays.