‘They could build a football stadium or a fairground next to HS2 line’


Land next to the HS2 line is prime for a variety of different developments not affected by noise and the district council should draw up a policy to deal with these, according to a planning chief.

Aylesbury Town Council planning chairman Steve Mitchell said: “There are a lot of long-term investors that own the land next to the line, so they might be inclined to build something on there that’s not affected by the noise issue, say a football stadium, an ice rink or even a fairground, so it’s best we plan for it and have a policy the council can refer to when planning applications come before it.”

Cllr Mitchell said that developers would not risk building homes in the 1km corridor either side of the line because of the noise pollution from the trains, but there would be no reason why other proposals could not be considered.

He said: “Maybe we could get one step ahead so if plans come before the district council that they don’t like, they can have a document to refer to. Then the applicants can have the right of appeal.”

“HS2 is happening, so it’s best that we move out of denial and take a positive step instead of being negative all the time.”

Aylesbury Town Council will continue to work with both Aylesbury Vale District Council and Bucks County Council on collating landowners’ and residents’ views on the proposals for the high-speed railway to be put before the government in 2016.

Construction of the £50billion link between London and Birmingham is set to start in 2017 and transport bosses hope the first train will hit the tracks in 2026.