‘There wasn’t a hint of Peter Andre to ruin it’

IT’S great sometimes being The Thamensian.

As well as being the seeker of truth and justice in Thame (and surrounding villages) I also get to sneak in to places, stand at the back, then call them names on this page if I don’t like it.

I am just a silhouette you see: nobody really knows who I am, or even whether I am a man or woman. Even my wife.

I was explaining this to her while justifying why I had to go to Haddenham Beer Festival last Saturday. “But it is work” I explained, rolling out what I thought was the best excuse ever until David Haye gazumped me 12 hours later with his broken toe.

The excuse worked and by early afternoon I was the proud owner of a lime green wristband and a pint glass with a duck on it.

I also had ten vouchers, each worth half a pint from one of the hundreds of barrels stacked behind the vastly overworked bar staff.

I started with the top right beer, brewed in Thame and a nice dark mild which apparently had ‘chocolately notes’.

I know that because it said so on my tasting notes where every beer was described in flowery prose.

It took me about three drinks to get the hang of it. ‘Elderflower aftertaste’ meant it tasted of nettles, ‘hints of plum’ meant it tasted of nettles but was a bit darker and ‘10 per cent proof’ meant the rest of the afternoon was a bit of a blur.

Somehow my friends and I had found a spot inside the courtyard area, perfectly positioned so we couldn’t see or hear the jazz band but dangerously close to the mutinous mumbling of the queue for the Ladies toilets.

Mind you the queue for the bar itself was out of the door and heading for Dinton at one point, no surprise really given the glorious weather and the brilliant turn out.

I heard one of the organisers say they had ordered 2,500 glasses and run out, so clearly the day was a roaring success.

No-one moaned as they waited. Families enjoyed the sunshine, the bands and the food stalls, and there wasn’t even a hint of Peter Andre turning up to ruin things. Perfect.

By 6.30pm both vouchers and beer had run out and it was time to go home.

I didn’t fall in the ditch once while walking home this year. A good day at the office and another great local event ticked off and enjoyed. Well done to all concerned.