The Thamensian: TEENAGERS are rubbish, right?

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All they do is hang around the town hall with their hoods up to hide their faces while they plot and plan ways to steal handbags from little old ladies.

Well, as all my regular readers know (Hiya, Mrs Kingham) I like to sneak around town unearthing good news stories and bringing them to a wider audience.

So last week when I caught a scheming gang of teenagers up to some good I felt it was my duty to write this column about it.

Next week will see a Charity quiz night and auction at the football club for the Jack O’Donnell foundation.

Many of you will know all about Jack, a keen sportsman at Lord Bills. Tragically, in the summer of 2010, just as Jack was looking forward to his 16th birthday, he suffered a fatal accident. 

Since then the Foundation set up in his name has been raising funds to give others the chance to achieve their potential in the sport they love. 

You can find out all about it at I hasten to add that I did not know Jack and am not involved in the charity in any way, but will also admit that I am a nosey so-and-so and my ears tend to flap when I sense a story is around, like a sort of rubbish spider-sense.

That spider sense was tingling when I overheard two youngsters talking about something they were doing to raise money for the Jack O’Donnell Foundation.

A good friend of Jack’s had taken it upon himself to write to a host of football clubs, sports stars, TV stars and celebrities to ask for signed photos, footballs, shirts or anything they could spare.

They have collected signed items from everyone from Rafa Nadal to Chelsea FC through to David Schwimmer off Friends. There was a huge list of celebrities who have offered to help.

Everything they have collected will be part of a quiz night and auction on Friday November 18.

I know this because I sneaked a look at the poster they put up. I also know you can find out more from Tracy on 07521 736615.

I am not ashamed to use this page as a blatant plug for this event. I do so happily because I was not asked to do it: the organisers didn’t have any idea that I might help a little on this page.

I only write it because teenagers get such a bad press and this is a fantastic effort.

To take the initiative and to phone and email sports stars off your own bat is fantastic and I hope their evening goes brilliantly for all concerned.