The Thamensian’s Take: Supporting our show is supporting our community

Thame show PNL-140204-165546001
Thame show PNL-140204-165546001

It would appear that people DO read this page. Which is nice.

It would appear that people DO read this page. Which is nice.

The other week I wrote about this year’s Thame Show, asking the organisers for an update and volunteering to meet them and do whatever I can to help.

I love the show and think I went to almost all of them from 1977 onwards until the recent no shows and summer switch.

I was delighted to see a full front page story last week explaining where the show stood, what progress was 
being made and outlining some of the recent developments.

I think it is important to keep drip feeding this sort of story into the local papers and media to build up interest before September. (Clever readers will note the subtle way I am using this page for just that reason.)

I was also pleased to get an email from the organiser asking if I wanted to meet and have a chat about the show. I will protect his reputation as it seldom does anyone any good to be seen out with me, but off I went to meet Mr Showman last week. And what did I find out you ask?

Well, to start with I firmly believe that the Thame Show is in the hands of someone truly committed to making it a success this year.

Ever the sceptic, I had been a little bit worried that the ‘use it or lose it’ message that had been coming out was teeing up an excuse if people didn’t attend.

I could not have been more wrong. Mr Showman and his small team are dedicated to the cause and working 
phenomenally hard.

I love to meet people who have a passion for what they do and that shone through whenever he talked about the show.

One or two of the ideas have already become public – inviting Thame shops and businesses to create a Little High Street at the show is a great way of getting the town involved.

And while I do not want to ruin the surprise with further announcements there seems to be a good mix of what made Thame Show such a success for so many years allied to newer initiatives: a family ticket at prices way below Legoland for example.

There are going to be tough decisions to be made in the next six months but after an hour talking to the organiser I left with just one thought.

I wrote about it becoming ‘Thame’s Show’ – local people showing off the community.

If that is to happen then everyone, from shopkeepers to schools, from locals to exiled Thamensians can play a part.

I volunteered to help and will do so. How about you?

Want to be part of what should be the biggest day in Thame’s Calendar EVERY year?

Then get in touch and lend a hand. All welcome.

Let’s get this show on the road.