The Thamensian’s Take

The Thamensian's Take
The Thamensian's Take

It is time for the Thamensian’s new road laws for 2014.

Let me first explain why this has become an 
annual proclamation.

There are ancient by-laws in any town the size of Thame. People get to herd sheep over bridges, run amok on hobby horses, and swing their conkers freely in towns up and down the land because somewhere along the way the town council allowed one man to do it as a mark of respect.

We do things differently around here and have ancient by-laws which help us all to understand the roads and mean streets of downtown Thame.

Incomprehensible to tourists and strangers, we have our own private code of conduct and do not like anyone to go against them.

I have repeated many times the mantra that the Cross Keys roundabout is OPTIONAL when leaving the High Street. Those that pass on the left are correct but we turn a blind eye to the 80% who pass on the right.

Similarly at the other end of the High Street those approaching via Bell Lane should do so with a determined look on their face and the throttle flat down because it is near obligatory to whizz out of that blind spot behind the wood flooring shop.

Those coming down Southern Road must do so timidly please because let’s be honest, your guess is as good as mine when you come out of there.

Up on Nelson Street the right of way belongs to the driver with the strongest nerve.

You WILL be up on the kerb but leave it as long as you can, right?

Oh, and at the bottom end of that street only God and Peggy know who has the right of way.

Those rules are clear but I would like to add a 2014 amendment to the Thame Highway Code please.

This concerns the slalom by the BP garage.

This is a tooting mad zone at the best of times so the rule needs to be spelled out very simply.

The car approaching from Chinnor can only go round the slalom before, and let me make this very clear, ONLY BEFORE the car coming the other way is over and clear of the hump by the clock shop. If both wheels are on the ground you must Give Way.

Thank you.

At time of writing there is a brand new road system as you head out towards Postcombe. The Highway Code currently applies and so please approach this new junction with caution until we all work out what we are going to do about it.

It looks very sensible to my eyes, but give it time and we will soon bend it to our wills.

Stay safe people.

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