The Thamensian: New park will have its swings and roundabouts

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WE are about to have either a brand new park or an oil drill in Thame.

I noticed this while driving around the ring road the other day. Opposite the football club there are strange shapes emerging.

One looks like an orange oil drill, another looks like a metal jellyfish, there is a strange metallic rocket thing. I haven’t seen so much misshapen metal since Shane McGowan had braces.

I would love to be able to tell you the name of the park, but have never really been too sure despite living near it for ten years.

There are two parks in Thame to my mind; the Rec and Elms Park. The one on the ring road must have a name I suppose but when my kids were young we just referred to it as ‘Mindthepoo Park’.

There were always a lot of people walking dogs around and the odd set of parents with toddlers in the logged off park, enjoying the sunshine and watching their toddlers rock manically on the spring-loaded-chicken-thing, nodding away like Red Bull charged oompa loompas.

There was a little wooden house under the slide where you could play picnics or read the local gossip.

I refuse to believe that Sharon WAS ‘promiscuous’ for want of the actual wording daubed on there. She was just misunderstood. It was certainly nice for my own children to find out such things at an early age.

The best thing about the park was actually the hill in the middle and I am glad that it seems to be being retained.

In winter you spot youngsters on toboggans sliding the terrifying three metre slope in the snow, sometimes reaching speeds of up to three miles an hour.

The only victim that I can see (and bear in mind that I am basing this whole article on what I can see through the hedge while travelling at 30mph), is the two football goals which have bitten the dust.

I was slightly irate to see them go until my wife pointed out that there are about five sets of goals on proper pitches just over the road at the football club.

Cue slight climb down and soapbox put away for another time.

The other thing I can see through in the new park is lots of soft flooring material.

Quite right too. Kids of today should be wrapped in cotton wool and not exposed to any danger. Cut those trees down in case they climb them.

I look forward to seeing the new park finished. I think it is just one more example of the community development that I keep banging on about on these pages. Another good improvement, although it will have its swings and roundabouts.