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‘Spreading the word ... we’re a town on the up’

I WILL confess in the opening sentence that I was mightily surprised by Thame Food Festival last weekend.

I know that as a town we love to support events such as this that bring the town and community together, but there is a difference between being a foody and being a fatty, and I am purely the latter.

The only time I sample foods in the high street is usually late night and it has come from the (excellent) kebab van.

Last Saturday I was expecting a couple of people with bibs on and rays of free samples. What I wasn’t expecting was to have to edge my way down through Buttermarket through throngs of people. It was packed by 11am and the samples were coming thick and fast.

Within 100 metres and five minutes I had been handed sausage and mash, three thimbles of cider, beer and wine, around six different chutneys on postage stamp sized pieces of bread, sushi, two types of chocolate brownie and some lemon drizzle cake by a french bloke off the telly.

He wanted 20 quid for an autographed book but I resisted his gallic charms and walked on. I think it was Sasha Distel.

I guess you were supposed to stay longer and sample all those foods in moderation but don’t stand there with a tray of free food and expect me to walk past.

If pressed I would say the Lassco chocolate brownies were the best of the lot but the Schwartz spices demo tent was giving away free goodie bags which were excellent too.

I’m not going to go all holy about it but these were local food and drink companies; Thame pub and restaurants plus suppliers and cottage industries.

To see so many people coming in to the town was fantastic once again and this should be an annual fixture for Thame.

I was actually walking with my dear old doting mother and she hit the nail on the head, saying: “Nothing like this used to happen when I lived here ...”

Well mum, you should have been here for the Italian market, the show, the fair, the revamped carnival, the Music in the Parks, or come down for the Art and Literature Festival or the turning on of the lights at Christmas ...

That is a far from complete list of the good things that have happened in Thame this year. Once again on Saturday we had BBC Oxford and Jack FM broadcasting from the High Street and spreading the word that we are a town on the up.

Thame and Community events fit together far, far better than sausage and mash and sushi.