The people have spoken: ‘No’ to new Sainsbury’s

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READERS have voted a unanimous ‘No’ to a new Sainsbury’s store at the cattle market site in a Thame Gazette poll.

The people of Thame have spoken after The Gazette received a total of 274 vaild votes, both by post and text, with 179 text votes and 13 postal votes for ‘no’ to Sainsbury’s and 78 text votes and three postal votes for ‘yes’.

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s said: “To put this in to context, this consultation is based on 274 responses.

“Our recent consultation generated more than 2,100 responses and showed that the majority of respondents (53 per cent) support a new food store on the site.”

However, Val Jonas, a member of the Cattle Market Action Group, said she could well believe the results.

“Thame is a fantastic town with great shops and a really nice atmosphere,” she said.

“People don’t want to see that change.

“From most people I’ve spoken to, and from responses on the council’s website, most people in favour of Sainsbury’s are from out of town.”

The decision date for the application has been pencilled in for April 23.