‘The major concern is traffic’: Crematorium plan angers residents

Residents in Kimble who are against plans for a crematorium at Doe Hill farm
Residents in Kimble who are against plans for a crematorium at Doe Hill farm

Angry residents have formed an action group to prevent a crematorium being built which they say will cause ‘major traffic problems’.

Coordinator of Risborough Road Residents Group, Jo Parsons, said they had a number of concerns regarding the proposal for Doe Hill Farm in Little Kimble, which is adjacent to the A4010.

Farm owner Alun Jones has opted to sell his land to Dignity Funeral Services and the UK company estimates it will hold two to five services a day between 9am and 4.30pm.

Mrs Parsons said: “People are really upset and very angry about it. The emotional aspect of living so close to a crematorium is something people find distressing.

“The major concern is people worry about the traffic. It’s a really busy road and it’s got busier because people use it as a link between motorways.

“It’s also a major ambulance route since Wycombe Hospital’s A&E closed. The combination of the traffic, the ambulances and the slow moving vehicles concerns us.”

Dignity said its proposals are for a single-storey, state-of-the-art crematorium which will serve approximately 200,000 people.

The proposal has been made to address the requirement for a crematorium in Aylesbury Vale with the nearest one, Chilterns Crematorium in Amersham, close to capacity. Mrs Parsons said she had already gained the support of 45 people for the action group.

The group will register its concerns at Kimble and Marsh Parish Council meeting tonight ahead of Dignity putting in a planning application at the end of July.

She added: “We are not happy about the location.

“There must be other sites they can use which are not farmland. Maybe sites that have been blighted by the HS2 development.”

Mrs Parsons said residents were also concerned by emissions from the crematorium, the smell and how it will alter the landscape.

Once the planning application is received by Wycombe District Council there will be a 13-week consultation period.