The Gazette just got better!

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No Caption ABCDE PNL-140705-124727001

Your Thame Gazette just got better - with a brand new, 
dedicated Twitter account!

Gone are the days of a dull rolling news feed, often with stories from our sister papers which don’t relate to Thame.

We have listened and learned, and with our new account @thethamegazette only Thame news, views and opinion will feature.

And we want you to join in, share you photos, stories and opinions with us and we will retweet and follow you back.

With @thethamegazette you can connect directly with reporters, join the debate and find out all the latest about town life.By following @thethamegazette you can expect live tweeting and photographs from major town events, the latest stories direct to your screen and engaging 
discussion about the subjects which matter to you.

Our @thame_gazette or @gazettethame feeds will be deleted shortly, so please get on board with 

You can also join in by liking our Facebook page and we’ll update your newsfeed with all the Thame-specific content. Just search for Thame Gazette on Facebook.