‘The cutbacks aren’t to blame for everything’

MCBT Letters to the editor
MCBT Letters to the editor

Please thank Mr R Johnson for his most enlightening letter, I’ve been hearing and reading dross like that for 65 years, like a lot of clever men he missed the point altogether and I’m sure that if Thame’s public toilets need white-washing Mr Johnson is the man for the job, though he better check with health and safety first. The cuts are not to blame for everything, the councils waste thousands of pounds each year.

Bucks bus stops are so badly designed

David Bradnack, Oxford

Why are so many bus stops in Bucks so badly designed ?

The post should be opposite where the bus door is when it stops, so people are in the right place ready to get on straight away.

You do not still have rear-entry buses like the old Routemasters in Bucks, do you ?

The shelter should also be immediately next to the boarding point.

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