The church which claims to heal the sick from inside council headquarters

When Wendy Preston was seven years old she suffered from an incurable heart and lung condition.

But after a ‘miracle’ religious healing experience she baffled doctors by becoming clear of the ailment.

Faith Alive Church - Pastor Wendy Preston

Faith Alive Church - Pastor Wendy Preston

Following her own healing Wendy made it her life’s work to teach others about the word of God. And her journey has brought her to Aylesbury, where she runs the Faith Alive Church from the Oculus at Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Gateway offices.

Before coming to Aylesbury, Oxfordshire-born Wendy travelled to America where she received pastoral training from other faith healers.

She said: “As a little girl I had an incurable disease where there wasn’t anything medically that could be done.

“But the Lord touched my life and all praise and glory to him. I’m here to tell the tale and now have no symptoms of that illness.

Pastor Wendy Preston

Pastor Wendy Preston

“Once a month we do a healing service, where we focus on divine healing and what the bible says about healing.

“The rest of the month we have our regular services, with our hope to build up the community and build up the Christians. We are really excited to be here in Aylesbury.

“At the healing services people get healed!

“The word of God tells us that as a believer and a Christian that healing is actually part of being a believer.

“This is about making that knowledge available because it’s new to a lot of people.

“I was healed myself as a child so I promised my boss God that I would preach the word concerning healing.”

And Wendy claims that her healing services – which include motivational singing and congregation participation, really do work.

She said: “We do have many testimonies of the healing power at work and we do see that happening at our services.”

“I’m actually British and I knew that I had the call to preach as a little girl.

“At that time there was nowhere for me to be trained – I knew I was called to help England primarily.

“So I went to different Bible schools in different places and America was one of them. I then came to England and planted churches and this is the first one that we have called Faith Alive Church.

“It’s the word of God – I grew up in different denominations here in England and I love every denomination and every church. But here we are focussing on the part that we believe God has told us to do, to help in the general body of Christ here in Aylesbury.”

The church was originally based at the Odeon cinema in Aylesbury.

But as the congregation expanded the council offered its own Gateway building for use by worshippers.

Faith Alive Church now runs a Friday church, a children’s church, support for the elderly and a youth group as well as the Sunday morning service. The church also plans to expand its ministry to Buckingham.

Wendy said: “I love what we do and it’s a blessing to meet more and more people. We are very much a family here, we have wonderful teaching for infants and a great youth programme, right through to elderly people and meetings in the week so that we can encourage one another.”

“Come in once and you are family – there will be something here that suits you.

“We are also aware that there are many needs out there, difficult days and it is lovely to come into a place of sanctuary where you can set those things aside for a while and learn how to handle life’s situations knowing God is on your side.”

Faith Alive Church’s healing services take place on the first Sunday of every month, with regular services running for the rest of the month. To find out more about the church, worship times and how you can get involved, visit