Thamensian: ‘Why I’m nailing my flag to the Sainsbury’s mast’

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SO let’s get stuck in this week.

Sometimes I mess about on this page, sometimes I write a little human interest story and sometimes, just occasionally, I comment on the proper big issues in Thame.

And I don’t mean the ones the lady sells outside Clarks.

It’s worth repeating for any new readers that this is not The Thame Gazette editorial page; it is an independent view from a Thame resident.

Treat it like the letters page but with more spelling mistooks.

So Sainsbury’s. In case you’ve been living on the moon, or perhaps Brill, the orange liveried supermarket would like to move the cattle out of their market and build a superstore in its place.

The residents are not all that impressed and I’d imagine the cows will be unhappy too when they have to walk out to the showground for their new market.

It is a debate that rages on. It must be serious as it has been on the front page of two Thame Gazettes in a row. So since I am supposed to comment on Thame on this page how do I feel about this proposal?

Well worse things have happened to Thame (hello Peter Andre). I hear the arguments in favour of our brilliant local shops who are worried that they will be closing in their droves, and I hear concerns about traffic.

It will change the dynamics for sure. But then I am so old that I can remember Budgens and Tesco having supermarkets in the high street and we already have a Sainsbury’s, Co-Op and Waitrose so there has always been competition for those shops.

But the point I want to make is that I don’t do my weekly shop in any of those places.

Thame is not some sort of idyllic 1950s throwback, no Bekonscot for fully sized shoppers. I do not see ladies in linen flitting from shop to shop with their wicker basket picking up a loaf from the bakers, skipping to the butchers for sausages, merrily going to the grocers for a leek.

We all use the shops of Thame but I suspect we will still use them if the new supermarket does get the go-ahead.

This is 2012 and we are in the middle of a recession.

I can say, hand on heart, that I haven’t done a weekly ‘Big Shop’ in Thame this century.

If I want the weekly shopping I go to ASDA or Aylesbury.

Not because I want to but because I have to.

Two of the existing supermarkets are too small and the biggest one is too expensive, so I have to get the basics each week out of town.

So I am nailing my flag to the Sainsbury’s mast. Bring it on.

And while we’re at it can we have a Spearmint Rhino?