THAMENSIAN: It’s our Thame Show, so let’s all get on the bandwaggon!

The Thamensian's Take
The Thamensian's Take
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I am in London’s bustling West End, because I am dead good at business and that. 
I am a profesional gentleman and should I feel the need to have my nails done then I know a place that is available. 
But I don’t like to pick on people, so I am not going to nail anyone for poor signwriting this week, even if I did see at least three people taking pictures of their new signs. So here I sit in Starbucks wondering what the profesional etiquette is? 
I have been here 45 minutes now and one grande latte is only worth an hour of wi-fi in my eyes. 
There are students in here drinking tap water and clearly settled in for the rest of the day. 
There should be a rule. One drink=one hour. 
I am the lucky one with a window seat looking over the hordes of tourists here in 
sunny London. It is busy. It’s like Piccadilly Circus out there. 
I have slogged on the Chiltern Chuffer, squeezing into the last seat available; I expect a seat as the bare minimum for my journey and at £44.50 for a return I half expected to be sat with the driver. 
Wow that’s expensive isn’t it? After a torrid, but mercifully brief, tube trip I settled into this Starbucks and watched the world go by while 
writing this article. 
Don’t get me wrong, I quite like London, despite the above moaning. 
I studied here for three years and like the vibrancy and the bustle. But would I swap it for life in Thame?
 No way. Our little town may not be hyperactive but it has a nice pace and quality to life and a whole host of activities and traditions.
And chief amongst those is this week’s Show and Fair. Every year I tell you the Fair is great, every year some killjoy tells me I am wrong. 
This year we have the proper pairing of Show AND Fair on Thursday. 
This is what I grew up with and how things should always be. If you are a Tamensian (no H, on purpose unlike some signs) then show your support and get to the Show. 
If you are new to the town then get to the Show anyway: see what living in a small market town is all about. 
The message has been simple and constant from the Thame Show organisers throughout: Use it or Lose it. 
It would be a massive loss if it went away for good so let’s make Thursday a great day once again. 
It’s show time…

And now it’s down to you.
What do you like most about life in Thame? 
What would you most like to see change?

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