THAME: Sofa, so good! Theologist sets up seat in town centre

Dr Krish Kandiah with his sofa in Thame
Dr Krish Kandiah with his sofa in Thame
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A Christian author and theologist set up a comfy sofa in Thame town centre to encourage residents to ask him questions about faith.

Dr Krish Kandiah – who is president of the London School of Theology and author of Paradoxology: Why Christianity Was Never Meant To Be Simple – set up camp with his eye-catching sofa and welcomed questions from the public.

Krish, who lives in Thame, said: “I love having the chance to look at questions about God, faith and the Bible – it was what motivated me to write the book. “I believe it is important that Christians take opportunities to think through the implications and challenges of their faith, whatever the questions people have.”

The 43-year-old recognises that for many, the Christian faith throws up as many questions as answers – and some examples he has been asked are ‘do dogs go to heaven?’, ‘who made God?’, ‘why did God give us free will?’ and ‘can we trust the Bible?’

Krish will be delivering lectures all next week at a series of free evening events that will explore some of the controversies and paradoxes of life and faith.

These events are taking place at Christchurch in the Upper High Street from Monday October 27 to Friday October 31 between 9.30pm and 10.30pm.

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