Thame’s WI celebrates 90 years

Womne's institute celebrates 90th anniversary
Womne's institute celebrates 90th anniversary

IT was a special day for members of the Thame Women’s Institute (WI) on Saturday as they celebrated the group’s 90th anniversary.

And to mark the occasion, almost 40 of the members turned out for a celebratory lunch and entertainment at The Spread Eagle.

President of the group, Mary Cleare, said: “It was lovely, we had such a delightful time.

“I read out some of the oldest minute books, which dated back to 1924 and the women seemed to really enjoy hearing what it was like in those days.

“Obviously it was written very different and was all very formal but part of the enjoyment was listening out for the old names as a lot of the group have been in Thame for many years and recognised some of the people.”

The Thame WI is one of the biggest groups in the county, with a total of 53 members and Mrs Cleare believes the reason why it has been so successful is the caring attitude they show to each other.

She said: “There is just something very nice about the organisation, everyone is very supportive to each other and we always look out for when someone is in need.”