THAME: Robin Hood show a success

A musical re-telling of classic children’s tale Robin Hood was a great success according to the show’s producer.

The production, performed by Thame group Stagecoach Theatre Arts was played out in front of a packed audience at the Lord Williams’s Lower School.

The cast, aged between five and 13, rehearsed and performed the production in the space of five days as part of one of the theatre’s summer workshops.

27 children took part and producer Nicky Goodwin said: “We have had really good feedback from parents who said they enjoyed the show and seeing what their children could do.

“The final production is always the highlight of the week.

“Everyone becomes like one big family during the course of the workshop.

“At the start, we have a lot of children who are coming in for the first time and it is always great to see their progress.”

In addition to the drama, the audience were treated to spectacular fight sequences which drew gasps from those watching, and group dance routines performed to the accompaniment of Bellowhead.

The production was also rich in atmosphere with shrewd use of lighting and backdrop. More info at