THAME PETS: Zelda is a real purring princess

To adopt Zelda or Dino call 0300 7771500
To adopt Zelda or Dino call 0300 7771500

Have you ever seen a cat this orange?!

Beautiful Zelda was rescued from a home where her owner had too many cats and couldn’t cope.

The four-year-old was quite nervous and unsettled at first, but her bravery has improved and she would be super happy to find a nice quiet home where she can be herself.

Zelda likes nothing more than a gentle fuss, and a tickle under her chin and staff at Blue Cross Lewknor think that she would make a perfect pet.

Happy Dino is a boarder collie who is looking for a place to call home.

This loyal breed are really quick learners and Dino can;t wait to carry on his training with a family who would be dedicated to the cause.

Although sociable, Dino would prefer to be the only dog at home.

To give either pet a loving home call 0300 777 1500