THAME: ‘Our dogs helped change our lives and save our lives’

Sue Harvey with her dog
Sue Harvey with her dog
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A couple who met through their twin assistance dogs have become the stars of a TV documentary – together with their canine pals.

Sue and Byron Harvey, who live in Wellington Street, Thame and are both paraplegic, were featured on a recent episode of the BBC’s Animal Saints and Sinners.

Byron Harvey with assistance dog Ziggy

Byron Harvey with assistance dog Ziggy

The couple met through the charity Dogs for the Disabled, which provided them both with their then-dogs Inca and Isis, which turned out to be twins.

Sue, 65 began using a wheelchair in 1996, after going through illnesses which included a brain tumour, breast cancer and getting spinal bacterial meningitis.

Byron, 63 has also been wheelchair bound from an early age after contracting polio in 1954.

The couple met through the charity and became great friends after Byron’s previous wife Jill passed away.

The couple married in 2008 however Sue is currently without a dog.

She said: “I lost my dog Isis, who was 14, nine weeks ago with a stroke. Byron has Ziggy, who is a five-year-old German shepherd crossed with a golden retriever.

“We are very happy with the lives we have and we count our blessings. The dogs helped save our lives and they changed our lives.”

Last month, the couple raised £1,500 for the charity through a street collection and open garden.