THAME LETTERS: It’s all about The Elms again!

The Elms, Thame
The Elms, Thame

It is a pity that Cllr. Bretherton’s long sojourn in Thame has not benefitted his capacity to think.

He appears to suggest that the previous owners of The Elms have vastly profited from the sale of land.

This is totally untrue and misleading.

As a consultant of some sort, he should have the capacity to analyse and think.

He is completely off base to concentrate on profit anyway since this is not the core issue to opponents of the development proposal.

Peter Webb - Thame

I am disturbed by Mr Howell’s assault on my character in his letter published in last week’s Gazette. On 18th July I wrote a letter to Mr Howell, drawing his attention to public concerns regarding The Elms and I expressed my concern that he has ignored similar letters from constituents.

I wrote again on 25th July as I had not received a reply and informed Mr Howell that I would now publish my letter in an open forum. The letter was published on the website and tweeted to Mr Howell’s twitter account; Labour and UKIP representatives

immediately requested more information and offered support.

Not until 6th August did I receive an acknowledgement from Mr Howell, by this time my letter to The Gazette of 8th August had already been accepted for publication.

I suggest that it is Mr Howell who has been disingenuous, not I, and furthermore I can only infer that, had other local politicians not expressed concern via twitter, the letter might have been ignored.

Mr Howell explained that my letter had been “quarantined by the Parliamentary security system”; this raises concerns of accessibility of this MP.

I still await Mr Howell’s comments on his investigation into the Elms problem.

Councillor Bretherton also commented last week; I do not understand his letter or the implications therein. His letter reaffirmed to me the hallmark ambiguity of recent council statements and the need for more

clarity and accessibility. Thame Town Council’s

dismissive approach causes frustration for townsfolk; those who question specific aspects of the Town Plan process are bullied with threats of litigation.

We seem to have moved away from true democracy; are legal proceedings against concerned upstanding elders of the community really appropriate use of precept money collected from our Council taxes?

Richard Jeffries, Park Street - Thame