THAME LETTERS: ‘Award nod for town clerk is just not right’

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Your letters

Apparently Thame’s Town Clerk has 
received a BEM in the Birthday Honours for being “the driving force behind the biggest and most ambitious plan to emerge from the Government’s localism initiative”.
Has this actually happened?
Are they really handing out medals for implementing government policy? It sounds Orwellian.
John Major promised to end all “gongs with jobs”: he failed.Richard Branson, Thame.

Dear Thamensian,

You may wish to muse in your next column about the twisted state of the British mind that values old folks on an equal par with dogs. To wit, in Thame’s Waitrose shopper-voting green disc boxes (other supermarkets are available), in which folks can vote with a green plastic token which of the three currently chosen charities gets what percentage of charity money (proportioned in tune with the relative amounts of green tokens in each box),There is currently this week one token box to do with an eco project in a local school, an ailing old folks ‘cause’ and a doggie style charity (if that’s not too risqué for the local populace). 
The pukka name of the latter ‘cause’ escapes me, as does so much these days, including the MILF in the milk aisle this past Wednesday evening). After one or two weeks’ worth of green disc ‘voting’, during which time one would have thought a good idea of true and popular proportionality would have been established, it appears that (at least with Thame’s Waitrose shoppers, an admittedly odd bunch at the best of times) they appear to value ailing old folks NO BETTER than dogs!

The amounts of green tokens in each of those two bins are dead level! Upon realising this, I fear that I may have to merely attend Waitrose for a free coffee, and (depending on season) avail myself of their a) air conditioning or b) their heating, and then move on to another local victuallers to procure my edible provisions. 
Name and Address Supplied.