Thame hotel is the first for fresh look

The new look at Sleepy Hollow
The new look at Sleepy Hollow

A Thame hotel has been the first of hundreds to receive a fresh new look designed with customers in mind.

Travelodge’s Sleepy Hollow hotel on Aylesbury Road, Thame, is the first to benefit as part of a £57 million refurbishment programme which sought its customers views before deciding on the design.

In-house interior designer Frances Whitley said: “It has been great working with our customers to design a purpose built room for them. It’s nice to launch it into the world now.

“Interestingly a key thing we learnt were customers now want a high level of coordination between colours, shades, patterns and features.

“They are no longer happy with everything being the same colour. Tastes are moving away from dark shades. They want a clean, fresh and bright colour scheme.”

Ms Whitley, who has designed hotels for 15 years, said it was challenging to provide a good design for budget hotels.

She added: “It’s a good challenge. You can spend a lot of money and create something great but you can also do it with less.”

Travelodge also announced a new brand wide £223 million investment which will lead to the creation of 20 new jobs ranging from customer services, food and beverages to IT jobs at Sleepy Hollow.

CEO Grant Hearn said: “This capital expenditure will help us to grow our business.

“It will strengthen our product offering and make Travelodge the best value hotel chain in the UK.”