Thame donors happy to brave the needle to save others lives

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For the squeamish of us it is a horrible thought but one Thame man has been recognised for donating blood 100 times and braving the needle.

Michael Pearman was recognised by NHS Blood and Transplant for his consistent dedication to helping save lives.

He said: “I had prior knowledge about the need for blood as my father was an ambulance driver.

“I have continued giving so many times because of the importance of blood being available for everyone.”

Mr Pearman was joined at the ceremony by Chinnor man David Carey, also 
recognised for his 100th donation and Peter Allen, of Chearsley, who had made 75 donations.

Between the trio they have helped save up to 825 lives and they were recognised at an evening at the Four Pillars Hotel, Oxford.

Mr Carey, who is a retired mechanical engineer, 
said:“I was motivated to 
register as a blood donor as there were blood sessions at my place of work.

“It really is one of the most worthwhile things one can do.”

Each blood donation can potentially save the lives of up to three people so if a donor has given blood 75 times they have potentially helped save the lives of up to 225 patients in local hospitals through donating blood.

Out of the 4% of the eligible population who give blood, only 3% ever manage to reach 75 donations and just 1% reach 100. Anyone wanting to donate for the first time should be aged between 17-65, weighing at least seven stone 12lbs and in general good health. To book an appointment call 0300 123 23 23 or visit