Thame Councillor questions Gazette for flagging up issue

Councillor Mary Stiles, Thame Town Council: What a shame you chose this topic when you could have filled the whole page with a celebration of the previous week’s wonderful Food Festival, instead of consigning the report to page 16.

Or how much better to promote the forthcoming Neighbourhood Plan meetings, when all Thame residents will have the opportunity to help plan our town’s future; or if you had to choose an item from last week’s meeting, surely the momentous decision to find the funding for a Youth Worker for our town, so that our young people will not suffer from the county council cuts is more important than which flags fly outside the Town Hall?

As I am one of the councillors mentioned as speaking in ‘the great flag debate’, my words should have been put in context.

I spoke after the deputy mayor, who was chairing the meeting, had read out the government guidance on this issue, which states that the flag of St George should be flown on St George’s day only.