Teen threatened to burn down county hall and ‘rip’ his advisor’s face off after he was refused more benefit money

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A teen threatened to burn down county hall after he was refused more benefit money.

Aaron Welland, 18, saw his personal advisor on October 18 with the intention of claiming his allowance.

But when Welland’s appointment was delayed by a few hours, he threatened there would be ‘a punch up’ if they didn’t hurry up, prosecutor Peter Bird told the court.

Upon meeting his advisor, Welland demanded money but was told he could only have £25.

Mr Bird said: “He said ‘You’ve screwed me. How am I supposed to get back to High Wycombe?’

“He said ‘next time I see you I’m going to rip your face off’. He then made threats to burn the place down.”

The advisor agreed to meet Welland the following day, this time with a colleague.

Mr Bird said: “Mr Welland seemed under the influence of something.

“He wanted money. He was angry.”

During the conversation, Welland clenched his fist and threw a glass of water in the advisor’s direction.

He then launched himself at him but was held back by the colleague.

Welland appeared at Aylesbury Magistrates Court on Friday and pleaded guilty to charges of using threatening words and behaviour.

Welland is currently living in the Tindall Centre in Aylesbury as a result of depression due to family problems.

His lawyer Alan Birkbeck said his client had suffered a ‘downward spiral of drink and drugs’.

Mr Birkbeck said: “He’s only a young man. He lost control on both occasions.”

He said Welland was drunk and on drugs when the incident at county hall took place and cannot recall everything that happened.

Welland was released on bail to return to Aylesbury Magistrates on December 19 for sentencing.

He swore at the chairman of the bench Bernie Crossey saying he didn’t want his help and that he’d rather go to prison than be bailed.

Conditions of his bail stated that he was not to return to county hall without an appointment. Welland responded to the conditions saying that was the first place he was going to go after the hearing.