Teen phone repairman enjoys taking on Apple

Jamie Coe is making a name for himself round school with his iPhone business
Jamie Coe is making a name for himself round school with his iPhone business

A teenage iPhone repairman has started making a name for himself around school with his quick and cheap fixes.

Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School pupil, Jamie Coe, 14, officially started his iPhone screen repair business, iPhone Injury, four months ago but has always had a knack for fixing things.

Jamie discovered a gap in the market after his friend said he would need to spend more than £100 on repairing his phone screen three years ago.

The Whitchurch youngster said: “I thought ‘oh my god, it’s going to cost that much’.

“So I looked it all up and taught myself how to do it. And then I thought I could make a business out of it.”

It was a slow start for Jamie though and took him a couple of years before he got going.

He added: “It’s difficult at the start. I broke so many phones when I was probably 11.

“I broke about five or six. I have learned from my mistakes though.”

Unlike Apple, the teenager charges between £40 and £60 for a repair which takes him less than an hour to do.

He added: “Everybody in school knows me as the repairman. If anyone wants anything repaired, you go to me.”

The Year 10 pupil said he wants to be involved in running companies in the future and puts his success down to his own hard work and his dad’s business nous which has helped him.

He has already started investing the money he makes in Barclays and Lloyds TSB shares and in the company.

He said he strictly only takes 10% of the profits for himself which equates to £4 per phone repair.

Jamie said: “Hopefully I can start making real money out of this. Any kind of business really interests me.

“Obviously I want more money so I tell people if they can find me a job or repair they can get 10 or 20% discount.”

The teenager said the business has also allowed him to combine the company with his love for cycling as he delivers his repairs by bike to customers.

For more information visit www.iphoneinjury.co.uk