‘Teaching the young is key to crime fight’

The fight against crime starts from the bottom up, according to the Vale’s new top cop, who also happens to be a martial arts enthusiast.

Gez Chiariello took on the role of LPA commander last month, and says that he is looking forward to working with the public in the fight against crime.

New Aylesbury Vale police commander Gez Chiariello

New Aylesbury Vale police commander Gez Chiariello

And in an effort to educate youngsters about the right way to behave, the police chief runs an under 12s football side, as well as a martial arts club.

He said: “The martial arts is aimed at children and is an opportunity for me to spread the word from the police about standards and discipline.

“Martial arts is about discipline and it’s a good way to educate about the difference between right and wrong as well as for increasing your level of fitness and self defence training.”

Commander Chiariello has 20 years experience serving in the police, starting his career with the Wolverhampton force.

Seven years ago he transferred to Thames Valley Police to take the role as LPA commander for Milton Keynes, and took on two further headquarters posts before the Aylesbury job.

And the new commander says that he is intent on continuing the work of the force, while making improvements too.

He said: “It’s about delivering what I call a high quality service to all the communities across the vale.

“And in doing so, providing them with a service that if I was on the receiving end I would be very proud of.

“I really want to inject that priority in terms of what we do, so that all the people that come into contact with us feel like they have had a good service.”

Community involvement is also key in the fight against crime according to the new commander.

He said: “I’m looking forward to building on some of the existing work that has been carried out by my predecessor, but also to work on some of the establishedpartnerships that span across the Vale, and our very committed public who are very keen in supporting what we are about.”