Teachers to walk out over workload pay and pensions

Teachers are set to go on strike on March 26
Teachers are set to go on strike on March 26

Teachers across Buckinghamshire are set to go on strike in a move which will affect 50 per cent of schools.

Concerns over workload, pay and pensions have led to the action which is set for March 26.

The move will leave many working parents struggling to find an alternative for their children, and many will face having to take the day off.

Annette Price, secretary of the Bucks National Union of Teachers group, said: “Teacher workload is unsustainable and the thought of doing the job until 68 is driving many away from the job.

“Teacher morale is at dangerously low levels.

“Children need teachers who are fresh and well motivated, not tired and demoralised.

“All the polls show that Michael Gove is out of touch with teachers and parents - he must listen and change direction.

“This strike is his fault, teachers do not like taking strike action but they are prepared to lose pay to stand up for education. We do apologise for the inconvenience to parents but we hope they will support us.”

The union says that current figures suggest 60 per cent of its members plan to take strike action, affecting 50 per cent of schools in Buckinghamshire.

The Bucks Herald will update you on which schools will be affected as soon as the information is confirmed.