Teacher’s shame after sex with pupil

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A MUSIC teacher from Aylesbury has been put on the sex offenders register for ten years after he pleaded guilty to having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student at his school.

Father-of-two Steven Rundle, of Wendover Road, had been having a secret affair with the girl for ten months until her father discovered a video clip on her computer of him performing a sex act.

Rundle, 31, who had been having sex with the man’s daughter in a music room at her school in Dacorum, was also exchanging explicit images with the teenager.

At his sentencing on Friday at St Albans Crown Court, Hilary Neville, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said the girl’s parents were not told about the relationship, which had begun in June 2010.

She said Rundle, a former pupil at the school, would meet the girl, who he never formally taught, in an old netball storage room at the school that had been converted into a music room.

Rumours began to spread around the school and Rundle was confronted by the headteacher about his relationship, to whom he denied the accusations.

The head then sent him on a child protection course as a result.

By September 2010 he and the girl were exchanging sexual images of each other over the internet.

At the same time the teen was carrying out cleaning work at his home and acting as a babysitter for his children.

On his return from the child protection course in October the girl, who is now 18, said that he told her it was too risky to continue, but they decided not to end it because it was too upsetting to be apart.

“There were numerous conversations by text, phone and Facebook,” said the prosecutor.

“They communicated over the internet and video and the defendant would watch while she performed sexual activities.”

The father confronted the headteacher and Rundle was arrested at his former home in Aylesbury.

His computer was seized. On it the police found 96 indecent still images of the girl and eight videos.

In a recorded interview with the police the girl said that they had full and oral sex on a number of occasions.

Rundle was arrested. At first he denied they had sex, but he requested a second interview where he then admitted it.