Teacher’s book set for the big screen

Teri Terry signing her book Slated at Waterstones
Teri Terry signing her book Slated at Waterstones

An author’s smash-hit debut novel is set to be made into a blockbuster movie by the team behind Oscar-winning film The King’s Speech.

Former Lord Williams’s support teacher, Teri Terry, was known by hundreds of pupils in her time at the school but now she is the subject of attention for her teen novel Slated, which has won several top awards and been translated into nine languages.

She has now even sold the lucrative movie rights to Prescience, one of Europe’s leading film funders.

Teri, 47, said: “It would be rather awesome, wouldn’t it, a bit of a dream to think it would be made into a film.”

Prescience, which is also behind titles such as Harry Brown and the forthcoming Song For Marion, has promised an A-list cast with production set for 2014.

The book came to the producers’ attention when one of their daughters read it on holiday and told her father: “You just have to make a film of this.”

Slated, Teri’s debut novel, was published in the UK in May last year to great critical acclaim. The second book in the trilogy, Fractured, is coming out in April and she is now working on the final novel.

The futuristic first book, set in 2054, tells the story of Kyla, whose memory has been erased and personality wiped out – she’s been ‘slated’.

The government claims she was a terrorist and that they are giving her a second chance – as long as she plays by their rules. But someone is lying to her and nothing is as it seems.