Teacher is suspended for sex talk

A FORMER Lord Williams’s School teacher has been suspended for a year after discussing his sex life with the pupils.

Norman Wright was also proven to have stripped his shirt off in front of the children and made anti-Semitic jokes in the classroom.

After official complaints, Mr Wright was dismissed from his job at the school in 2009 and will now be unable to return to any classroom for 12 months.

During the hearing, the religious studies teacher was branded to have demonstrated “unacceptable professional conduct” by the General Teaching Council’s Professional Conduct Committee.

The complaints began in 2008, two years after he joined the school, with committee chair Adam Nichols saying: “Mr Wright had inappropriate conversations with pupils outside of school in the autumn term 2008.

“In that he told pupils that he had, had sex over the weekend.”

He said that Mr Wright also had an “inappropriate conversation” with a teaching assistant in front of pupils in the autumn term 2008, during which he “discussed matters of a sexual nature.”

Mr Nichols added that the teacher acted inappropriately on April 1, 2009, by removing his shirt in front of pupils and in September 2009, by telling an anti-Semitic joke as part of a lesson.

Oxfordshire County Council has been dealing with the case for the school and released a statement confirming Mr Wright had failed to heed a number of warnings.

It read: “When issues relating to his teaching arose, he was given support and appropriate action was taken.

“After a series of warnings he was dismissed from his post in October 2009.”

Mr Wright was also proven to have put the children’s safety at risk when he lifted them onto his shoulder in March 2009.

But, the committee found a number of other allegations not proved, including that he had told an offensive joke about the death of Jade Goody.