Take two versatile actors and send them down the pub - find out what happens at the Players Theatre in Thame

Andy Dale and Jude Rogers in Two at the Players Theatre
Andy Dale and Jude Rogers in Two at the Players Theatre

One night down the pub, 14 very different characters, and all portrayed by just two versatile actors.

Two is an award-winning play by celebrated playwright Jim Cartwright and it is coming to The Players Theatre, Thame for five nights from Tuesday, March 5.

The action takes place on a single evening in a typical Northern pub heaving with people. The play introduces us to 14 of them, each with their own story and their own take on life, love, and the human condition.

Jim Cartwright paints each of these characters in vivid colours, so that we not only recognise but empathise with them as they play out their private lives, their hopes, fears, anguish and absurdity before us and for our entertainment.

All human life is there – from the hopeless bravado of a faded Jack-the-lad and his long-suffering girl to the touching affection of an unassuming widower and the relentless bickering of the irascible landlord and landlady, which masks a dark secret that only emerges in the gut-wrenching dénouement.

All 14 of these incredibly diverse characters are brought to life in this dramatic white-knuckle ride by just two actors – Andy Dale and Jude Rogers in Thame Players’ production – who succeed in portraying every character using a combination of talented acting and clever accessories - little touches such as a hat, a scarf, a tie, a jacket – imbuing each with their own personality and taking the audience with them.

Two has enjoyed enduring popularity since it was first performed in 1989, receiving the Manchester Evening News award for Best New Play, and enjoying several revivals and performances around the world since then.

Directed by Phil Byrom for Thame Players, it delivers a fantastic evening’s entertainment.

Phil said: “I am delighted to be bringing Two to Thame. The characters are painted so vividly that the audience can identify with each and every one of them. The portrayal of these diverse characters is what makes the play so enticing, so intriguing, and keeps audiences coming back over and over again to this small but perfectly formed modern classic.”

Two is being performed at The Players Theatre, Nelson Street, Thame OX9 2DP from Tuesday, March 5 until Saturday, March 9, at 7.45pm. Tickets are £8 - £10 each and available from Spear Travels, Greyhound Walk, Thame, call 01844 217228, or online from www.thameplayers.co.uk

Jim Cartwright was born near Bolton in 1958 and won a place at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, where he developed his talent as a writer. His early play Road became an international hit in 1986, winning a raft of awards. His career went stellar in 1992 with his sixth play, The Rise and Fall of Little Voice (to be performed by Thame Players in September), which won yet more awards and was also adapted into a film starring Jane Horrocks amongst others.

Besides Two, winner of Best New Play in 1989, Jim Cartwright has written several other hit plays and films, and his works are studied worldwide, having been translated into 30 languages.

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