Surprise at sudden closure of village pub

Red lion Haddenham Closed
Red lion Haddenham Closed
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THE surprise closure of a pub in Haddenham has been described as ‘a big loss to the village’.

Rumours have been rife as to the reason why The Red Lion called last orders at the bar for the final time without warning.

But all regular drinkers can be sure of is the need to find a new watering hole.

The property is available for lease, giving some hope it could be revitalised to former glories.

But local butcher Simon Parminter, whose business is just across from the closed pub, said it was a shame to see it go.

He said: “A big bit of history has gone out of the village.

“It’s a real shame to see it standing there empty.

“I was stood here when it just didn’t open.

“It’s extremely sad because pubs are getting fewer and fewer.”

The closure came as a surprise to everyone in the village, with the final night of business last Monday (April 23) before the doors did not open the following day.

Mr Parminter said: “It’s the same old story of if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

An application was made in December last year by Adrian Austin-Crowe to demolish an existing outbuilding on the site, used as a games room and for live bands, in order to build three new dwellings.

However these plans were strongly opposed by the local community and the parish council.

The application is still pending consideration by Aylesbury Vale District Council.