Superslimmer loses jumbo 16 stone (that’s the weight of a baby elephant!)

Kim Stock before and after
Kim Stock before and after

A vets’ receptionist who lost the weight of a baby elephant now hopes to have a child of her own.

Kim Stock, who lives in Victoria Street, Aylesbury, weighed 26st 8lbs when she started dieting in 2011.

And three years later, the Hampden Vets worker and her partner Peter are looking forward to the future, now that Kim is a slim size eight and 16st lighter.

She said: “I feel fabulous, there so much more I can do now.

“Even the really silly stuff like putting my trousers on and not falling over.

“I’ve been big ever since I was small, but it accumulated over the years.

“I used to eat pretty much anything that didn’t move.”

Kim decided that enough was enough when she struggled to fall pregnant.

She visited her doctor at Whitehill Surgery in Aylesbury who advised her to try the Cambridge Weight Plan.

Kim followed the diet to the letter and will travel to African island Cape Verde in May - her prize for achieving the company’s biggest weight loss.

She said: “The staff in River Island think I’m hilarious because I’m always in there looking at dresses.

“I’ve never been able to shop in there before. I still look in mirrors and think ‘wow, that’s me.’