Sunny spells for forecasting firm

MetDesk boss Andy Giles
MetDesk boss Andy Giles

The unpredictable weather of recent weeks has been good news for one Vale firm, which has seen increased interest in its forecasting data.

MetDesk, based in Wendover, provides detailed weather forecasts for various organisations, including local authorities so they know when to grit the roads.

But the company also produces an app that can be downloaded by anyone to give detailed forecasts for their exact location.

Managing director Andrew Giles says there has been increased interest in the product as a result of the recent extreme conditions.

Mr Giles said: “We have been busy. We have had a lot of interest from the general public via social media.

“A lot of people have been asking what the weather is likely to be where they are.

“That has led to enquiries and questions around the products and services based on apps.”

Despite the wild weather, Mr Giles says the mild temperatures have made it a fairly straightforward winter so far for many of the bigger businesses they serve.

The information MetDesk provides to the likes of local authorities includes road surface temperatures so they know when ice is likely to form. The company also gives data to airports about ice on runways and can warn of risks on rail lines.

Mr Giles said: “They have got experienced practitioners who receive our information, but at the moment it is relatively mild so it has not been too bad for them.”